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About Us


Established in 2013, Life Food is the brainchild of the founder, Tamara Raymond.

Way before Life Food was born, our famous Fire Starter Sauce was sold at The Good Market (back then in Battaramulla). It was later that we realized the need for fresh juices in the market and expanded further by creating fresh and unique juices made from fruits and herbs blended with Lankan favourite, Kind Coconut water as the base. Little by little, we started experimenting with fresh and wholesome salads which led to being invited to be a part of the Good Market Shop at Lakpahana. It was then that Life Food was created, from life-changing Fire Starter sauce to Life Juice to Life Food!

Mission of Life Food

Life Food’s mission is to serve wholesome and nutritious food made with locally sourced fresh ingredients. The menu is carefully curated, by our founder – Tamara, to give healthier twists to everyday dishes. At Life Food we believe that life doesn’t get better by chance, but choice! #ChooseLife

“The journey so far has been challenging and inspiring in many ways. Life Food started with an intention of bringing in a way of life through healthy, delicious food! “

Tamara Raymond