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Thirst Quenchers

Papaya, fresh turmeric, celery, lime, Greek yoghurt. Aids in digestion, rich in anti-oxidants & natural fibre.
Ginger & Lime. Great for gastrointestinal relief and relief from nausea.
Fresh turmeric, orange, lime, pineapple & ginger. Natural anti-inflammatory & immune booster.
Lime, cucumber, coriander & mint Leaves. Low-calorie wonder, packed with vitamins, especially vitamin K & fibre.
(Laa Dhalu) with organic black tea. Improves digestive health.
Orange, carrots, naarang, fresh turmeric. Full of vitamins and antioxidants.
Mango, Passion Fruit & Ginger. Helps build the immune system as it’s packed full of antioxidants & vitamins.
Narang (local mandarin) & basil leaves. It’s full of anti-oxidants and vitamin C to keep you looking young.
Pineapple, passion fruit & mint leaves. Good for digestion and cleansing of the body.
Packed with electrolytes, vitamins and nutrients to rejuvenate your body.
Watermelon, cucumber, lime & mint leaves. Packed with electrolytes & great for hydration.


Gotukola or Murunga with celery & 3 fruits of your choice: papaya, banana, pineapple, mango or passion fruit
Mango, pineapple, banana
Strawberry, mango, banana
Oats, strawberries, banana, curd, almonds, kithul
Oats, milk, homemade peanut butter Nutella & dark chocolate chips


Our local take on the Vietnamese Bahn Mi. Expertly spiced chicken with home-made mayo, crunchy pickled carrot, fresh coriander and green chilli.
Aromatic sautéed basil chicken, fresh and succulent, with home-made creamy avocado mayo
Sri Lankan style omelette, (village eggs with green chilli, tomato & onion) homemade tomato sauce & pol sambol (spicy coconut sambol)
Creamy tuna with finely diced celery & onion, with home-made hummus & mayo.  
Lean cuts of balsamic marinated grilled beef paired with flavourful rocket, fresh tomato, grilled onion, all bought together with a secret house-made dressing.
Flavours reminiscent of celebrations form your childhood. Layers of flavour, starting with kale pesto, crispy lettuce, crunchy carrot, grilled zucchini and marinated beetroot topped with feta.


Our creative homage to the Sri Lankan favourite: kottu roti.  Chicken/beef curry in all its aromatic-spice-alicious glory, mixed with vegetables and egg, wrapped in a durum wheat roti (atta flour)
Divinely smooth babaganoush combined with chickpeas, smoky grilled egg plant, paired with the fresh allure of mint, parsley and tomato salad, all on an atta rotti, topped with a nutty mix of dukkah, and irresistible tahini dressing.  A magical carpet ride for your taste buds

Get Your Green on (Salads)

Mouth-watering Harissa baked cauliflower with wholesome chickpeas, tomato, rocket, feta, mint and cashew, with a tahini chickpea dressing. 
Get your green on! Mixed lettuce and rocket, with sweet apple, beans, creamy avocado and black eyes peas for a burst of protein topped with crunchy bean sprouts and walnuts.  Drizzled with a delectable Japanese style dressing.  
The sweet allure of pan-fried honey mustard chicken and perfectly ripened avocado, corn, fresh tomato & feta, garlic croutons with a mixed green salad & our signature honey mustard dressing.
A grooving duo of oven roasted beetroot and pumpkin. Rounded off with a swinging mix of salad greens, pears, black dhal, smooth feta, topped off with a creamalicious avocado dressing  
Packing some high protein punches, this salad draws its inspiration from Thai flavours. Expertly prepared beef over a crunchy healthy salad that brings together chickpeas, black dhal, fresh lettuce, corn, super healthy long beans, juicy tomato and cucumber. All topped off with a Thai style creamy peanut dressing. Chicken - 1250, Prawn - 1550
A salad with textures and flavours so complex it deserves its own theme song. Crunchy lettuce, alongside spicy rocket leaves, sliced strawberries, avocado & cucumber all topped off with feta, sunflower seeds, barley, kithul shards & tangy balsamic dressing. Add chicken, prawn or beef.

All Day Breakfast

Home-made crunchy granola layered with fruit (strawberry, banana, mango) & yoghurt
Eggs Florentine on soft brioche with velvety lemon yogurt hollandaise, garlic sarana and sautéed onions with mushroom.
Our twist on this Swiss favourite will have your taste buds yodelling for more.
Our signature home-made granola, with chunks of juicy apples stewed to perfection, paired with creamy Greek yoghurt and homemade peanut butter for the right kind of sticky deliciousness.
Brioche French toast stuffed with our homemade Nutella (you’ll like ours better) and cream cheese, with bananas caramelized in organic kithul treacle topped with whipped cream and almonds

Hunger Busters

Stack on your protein fix with expertly grilled chicken, creamy avocado fritters, topped off with poached eggs, rocket and fresh tomato salad, black eyed peas, mushroom and corn. Drizzled with a green Chimichurri sauce.  
Spicing it up with red chilli chicken with Life Pilaf (heirloom rice & barley with fresh turmeric), aromatic spices, fresh herbs & mushrooms, with a fresh garden herb salad.  
Cauliflower rice! The same allure of rice without the carbs.  Zucchini, pumpkin & carrot sautéed with cauliflower rice with fresh basil and tomato, together with herb coated sea bass with a drizzle of our signature dressing.  
Baked aubergine drizzled with a flavourful miso dressing, ginger sesame rice, sautéed Chinese cabbage and mushroom, with spicy lunu miris & soya sauce.  
The perfect pairing of couscous, black dhal and heirloom rice, tossed with the anti-oxidant rich green & yellow zucchini & flavourful mushrooms. Seasoned with middle eastern flavours of dhukka, mint and parsley then bedazzled with pomegranate. Served with a marinated seafood kebab of prawns, fish & calamari and rich mint chutney.
Delectable soba noodles with zingy ginger miso, velvety Japanese omelette, stir fried Bok Choi  & the deep earthy flavour of shiitake mushrooms 
A decadent hearty Asian flavoured chicken broth made with exotic spices and organic coconut milk, is teamed with velvety soba noodles.  Topped off with shredded chicken, free range boiled egg, onions, fresh spring onions, crunchy bean sprouts, and coriander.  
Irresistible savoury coriander rice, juicy Mexican spiced chicken, fresh guacamole, tangy salsa, bean mix, with lettuce & a spicy tomatillo dressing. 
Its where the West meets Sri Lankan tradition. Succulent pan fried Sea Bass cooked to perfection complimented with a tangy tamarind masala. Served on an irresistible bed of sweet potato & pumpkin mash. Paired with a salad made up of crunchy lettuce, snake gourd, cucumber and Gotukola drizzled with curry leaf dressing.


Brioche French toast stuffed with our homemade Nutella and cream cheese, with bananas
From Rs. 475*. Chocolate cake, Coffee cake, Carrot cake, Lemon cake. ** Please ask for today’s selection
From Rs 400*. Fudge Brownie, Peanut Butter, Belgium Chocolate, Coffee, Passion Fruit, Strawberry, Salted Caramel



Wellness Blends

Almond Milk, fresh turmeric root, pepper, cinnamon & vanilla
Milk, Charcoal & Vanilla
Brewed coffee, butter & coconut butter